Gift Wrapping Station Fundraiser

So much support for Mark and COTA was given.  We had three dates that Marks awesome team of volunteers worked the gift wrapping station at Summit Mall.  I was only able to be there one of the days but I can say it was a really fun experience and I wish I would have been there for all three dates.  I want to once again thank those who put their time in, those who stopped by and saw us, those who donated boxes, ribbons, tape, money, etc. to a special cause.  I spoke to Kyndra Watson who is the Community Coordinator of our campaign and she said everyone was just very supportive, lots of people took the flyers that provided information about COTA and Mark, and most importantly those who said they would add Mark to their prayers.  Also, Kyndra let me know that she has a name of a young lady about 18 years old that would like to help out in future fundraising events.  That is just amazing!  I was able to see Cathy, a relative that I haven't seen since forever ago on the day that I was able to help wrap gifts.  Sadly, I missed the day that she volunteered to wrap along with her sister Donna but I can't thank them enough.  It meant so much to me that they were able to be a part of this.  I am so lucky to have such great family and friends who are so supportive and are giving up so much of their time to make my family's life a bit easier.  We have been listed for transplant since May of 2015 and I tense up a little bit each time the phone rings.  Thanking everyone for thinking of our family!!  heart

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