Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

This past weekend was the spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  It was definitely a success!!  Team Mark worked very hard and everything was amazing.  There were so many raffle baskets filled with some awesome gifts.  We had just enough spaghetti and no leftover desserts!  We actually had 3 cakes, brownies, pies, cupcakes, cookies, and donuts.  I think the only glitch was that it took about 15 minutes to get some more noodles cooked, other than that things went perfect!  My best friend made an awesomely huge banner that gave all the information about the prices of tickets, the raffle, and the 50/50.  It also had some really cute pictures of Mark on it.  I can go on and on, the man who ran the photo booth was fantastic and Dr. U R Awesome the bubble guy was a hit with the kids!  There was which was my favorite part, the "sunshine station" where kids were able to decorate bags and put some toys in each bag that is going to be donated to Akron Children's Hospital in honor of Mark.  They will be donated to the 5th floor which is the oncology floor where Mark has spent countless hours when he was diagnosed with AML Leukemia.  I risked it and brought Mark to the event since his cough had seemed to get better.  He wouldn't go up and get in a bubble but we did get him in the photo booth a few times.  He had a great time and was able to talk to some old freinds he hadn't seen from school in quite awhile.  The school nurse that would have a pizza party once a year for Mark and one friend was actually able to make it.  Everything couldn't have worked out any better.  I can't thank everyone that came and supported Mark enough.  There were so many people that came out, we had plenty of volunteers and even a young man that I had never met before helped out.  When Mark arrived, I think he was suprised that so many people were there and as I was holding his hand, it was shaking just a bit.  Once we found him a place to sit down he definitely was able to relax.  It was just a great, fun night for all.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone that helped, donated, supported, made an appearance, you made a perfect night for Mark!

I cant believe that i didnt

I cant believe that i didnt even have Essay Mama here at all like i was hoping they would at least show up here for this but alas they didnt and thats sad per se!

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