Visit to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital

Mark had a checkup Thursday the 27th. Overall it was a good day. We had good driving weather, was on time, and testing went well! They added blood work at the end of the day but even that went good, they got Mark in one try. His chest X-ray and pulmonary function tests came back about the same as before so they haven't got worse. The doctor did state that his pulmonary function tests really don't have much room to get worse though. ☹️ Now all we have to do is wait to hear the results on his blood work. On an inspiring note, a girl about Mark's age just recently had her lung transplant and is home running around! The doctor said Mark and her were back and forth for lungs so hopefully Mark's will be soon. (I think, it's a rough decision). They want to see us around September to do more testing because Mark will be turning 12 in December and that puts him on a little different of a list which may get him lungs sooner. This is assuming we don't get a call before then. ratings

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A kids' doctor's facility is

A kids' doctor's facility is a healing facility which offers its administrations only to youngsters and teenagers Assignment Champ most kids' healing facilities can serve youngsters from birth up to the age of 18, or in a few examples, kids' doctor's facilities' specialists may treat kids until the point when they complete secondary school.

Youngsters' doctor's

Youngsters' doctor's facilities are described by more noteworthy consideration regarding the psycho social help of kids and their families.

In this article, you share

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